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“100 years of Incredible Women”

Em Ford stars in mega-collab video

As March is officially Woman’s History Month, YouTube is partnering with the UN to shine the spotlight on amazing women throughout history.


“100 years of Incredible Women” features seven YouTubers, including our very own Em Ford (who plays Marilyn Monroe), paying homage to seven iconic women, including Katharine Hepburn and Yoko Ono. The partnership is set to last a year and will see the posting of a series of these videos.


In this mega-collab video, the YouTubers celebrate ‘women from the past 100 years who have overcome great odds to find their voice’ with the intention of supporting ‘the creation of female-driven content and inspire women to make more videos for YouTube – ultimately, to help create a world where every ones’ voice can be heard.’


You can catch the mega-collab video here:


And you can also check out the blog post here: