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Christine and Matt Host ‘Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live’

Starts 27th October for five nights

Tune in on the 27th to watch Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live, a brand new show for W network that will air for five nights presented by Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson. Completely live, with the finale taking place on Halloween, the show is the perfect choice for the build-up to Halloween. Each night a different group of celebrities check into the hotel for a spooky sleepover, where they will face ghastly ghost stories, terrifying tasks and be completely under the control of the viewers who will vote for them to take place in live investigations and experiments.


As Christine says, “Five nights in the UK’s spookiest hotel with some great celebrity guests over Halloween – what could possibly go wrong?!”


Matt will present companion show, Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live: Do Not Disturb, at 6pm every night from 28th October, giving viewers a chance to catch up on previous events.


“What better way to spend Halloween than in a Haunted Hotel, I’m looking forward to checking in our guests and seeing how they cope with a stay in Britain’s spookiest hotel,” Matt said. “With Christine as Jack Nicholson and Jamie and I as the twins, it’ll be like an English shining.”


Tune into W to watch the show.