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Helen Maslin – Should Teen Reads Be Clean?

'As a writer of YA, I think that’s the most important thing – to create real characters.'

Helen Maslin’s article, discussing the contentious topic of swearing and ‘bad language’ in YA literature, was featured in The Bookseller’s We Love This Book. She talks astutely of the line between offence and authenticity, and how important YA literature can be in demystifying important issues for its young readership.

Read the whole article here: Should Teen Reads Be Clean?
Helen’s debut YA novel, Darkmere, was recently published by Chicken House on 6th August 2015. It follows Kate and her friends as they spend the summer at Darkmere Castle in Devon. Kate thinks it’s the perfect time for romance – instead she’s drawn into the dark tale of a nineteenth-century girl haunting the tunnels and towers of the castle, and the curse that now looms over them all…