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Interactive campaign for the launch of The Ice Twins

HarperCollins launch an exciting new campaign for the paperback publication of The Ice Twins.

HarperCollins spearhead an interactive outdoor campaign at Westfield White City shopping centre for S.K. Tremayne’s terrifying psychological thriller The Ice Twins.

Until 14th September, customers can download free samples of the book from wi-fi hotspots at the complex. Readers are invited to share feedback via tweets to be showcased live on the interactive billboard.

Hannah Gamon, senior marketing communications manager at HarperCollins, said: ‘We know The Ice Twins is a book that people can’t stop talking about, and we wanted to use outdoor media to get the word out quickly far and wide whilst inviting instant feedback.’

Read more about the details here.


The Ice Twins is out in paperback on 3rd September 2015.