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Jonathan Hogg Makes Incredible Return to Football to Take ‘Man of the Match’

Having recently suffered a broken neck – what was feared to be a life-changing injury for the player – Hogg made a triumphant return to the field yesterday playing for Huddersfield at home against Norwich.


Giving a fantastic performance on the field, Hogg took the Man of the Match accolade having achieved 64 passes, 89 percent accuracy, 73 touches, five tackles and gaining possession 14 times.


Before making his admirable return to the pitch, Hogg had spoken about the severity of his injury. “I was chasing back and nicked the ball away from Lee Tomlin. I didn’t see our skipper running towards me,” he began, “I didn’t have time to brace myself. I clattered straight into his chest and my neck folded. I’ve never felt pain like it.


“I heard a big click, which was my bone. I then got shooting pains down my arms and legs. My whole left side was numb and I had a burning sensation. Lying there, honestly, I feared the worst.


“There were so many physios and paramedics crowded over me. It makes you feel so claustrophobic. I just wanted to get up and walk away and say ‘I’m fine’, but I knew I wasn’t.


“I was all braced up in the ambulance. By the time we got to hospital the pain had gone but I had no power in my left arm. When I got the news after the CT scan that it was a fracture, my heart just dropped.


“When you hear talk of spinal chords, it’s not nice. The doctor started talking through checks for this and that, this could happen, that could happen, the way he was speaking, it was not good. I thought then that the damage was life-changing.”


An incredible return and a great performance by Hogg.