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Mariale Marrero Receives a String of Rave Reviews

Following her MTV Award Nomination for ‘Guru of the Year’ and the recent launch of her three lip kits, vlogger sensation Mariale has received a number of reviews and rave articles in the press.


Publications and online sources including Forbes (the number 1 business industry media outlet, which receives 29,704,584 unique website visitors per month) and People (which receives 43,525,980 unique visitors per month on the website, with a circulation of 3,418,555 for the print magazine) reported on the influencer’s MTV nomination, while those reporting on the lip kits encompass Los Angeles Times,, WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), Hello Giggles and Yahoo Style.


“I feel like I have such a big responsibility because I’m kind of paving the way for anybody that wants to jump from one language to the other,” Mariale explained. “There are so many people like me who are bilingual and identify themselves as Latin, but they also live here so they’re a part of both cultures.”