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Perry Kitchen Signs Contract with Randers FC

The American midfielder has signed with the European side, which plays in the top-tier Danish Superliga championship.


“We have chased a decisive 6s for a while to get a balance player on the team,” Randers FC director, Michael Gravgaard, said of the addition. “In Perry Kitchen we get a player with a strong character and a good expression. He possesses many of the virtues we want that Randers FC is known for. It’s not a magician who cheats five men in a phone book, but a disciplined player who worked stubbornly but also wisely. We have great expectations for him and expect him to get his impression quickly.”


“I’m really looking forward to getting started in Randers,” Kitchen said. “I’ve had a really good time in Hearts, but switching to Randers FC was a great opportunity for me at this time. It applies to me to play as much as possible and I will work hard for it to happen here. I do not like to talk so much about myself, but as a type I am a hardworking and reliable player who has my focus on the defensive. But I hope to score a few goals.”