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Catherine Gray


Catherine Gray is an award-winning writer and editor who worked on staff for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, GLAMOUR and The Sun's Fabulous supplement, for nearly a decade.

Ever since she cut loose seven years ago to go freelance (and wear more clothing made from jersey), she has written for a vast array of publications, such as Stylist, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, The Guardian, BBC Earth, Emerald Street and YOU magazine.


Her first book ‘The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober’ is being published by Aster Books on the 28th December 2017. It’s a tri-brid of a read, mixing up memoir details of how Catherine quitting alcohol four years ago, illuminating interviews with top experts, and over-arching cultural comment. She hopes her book will help reinvent how Britain thinks about being alcohol-free. For Catherine, she expected sobriety to be deprivation, but it was actually liberation.


When she’s not writing, Catherine can generally be found trying to do crow pose in yoga and failing, watching low-brow TV meant for American teens, chatting up cute dogs in the park, or spending money on holidays when she should be saving it.