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Hazel Gale


Hazel Gale is a London-based therapist and ex-athlete. Her sporting achievements include multiple World, European and National titles in Full Contact Kickboxing and later, National and Open European titles in ABA Boxing.

Thanks to the ongoing pressure of competition in a field as demanding as combat sports, Hazel fell ill with chronic fatigue while training towards the defense of her first national kickboxing title. The following years forced her to recognise and deal with her own inner conflicts in an extreme and often public context. Her struggle to get back into competition led her to the unique field of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which not only enabled her to gradually regain her physical health but also retune her emotional sense of wellbeing. Ultimately, this psychological makeover led to a peaceful departure from boxing and into the entirely different career that she currently thrives in.

Hazel’s journey is by no means exclusive to the world of athletics. The story she tells is one that anyone who strives will relate to. Her writing is intended to help people fight their own psychological demons. Using her story, Hazel helps the reader to let go of self-imposed limitations, negative emotions and mental blocks, enabling them to transcend their current way of being and access a deeper level of happiness, creativity, health and success.

Hazel’s first book Fight will be published by Yellow Kite in Spring 2018.