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Nikki Phillippi


Nikki Phillippi is one of the most influential women’s lifestyle YouTube and social media talents in the space boasting 1.3 million total subscribers on YouTube.

  • YouTube:
  • Over 1.3 million subscribers
  • Instagram :
  • Over 537,000 followers
  • Facebook :
  • Over 242,000 likes
  • Twitter :
  • Over 234,000 followers
  • Snapchat :
  • 30,000 average views per snap

Her content focuses on inspiring others with her “life hacks” and insights into fashion, beauty and health trends.  Nikki spends much time with her husband Dan and her two dogs, Zoe and Bowser who are a big part of her online narrative.  Most recently she launched a new women’s lifestyle blog and community called “The Gang Magazine” where she and her contributors focus on one topic every month.


Check out Nikki’s Vlog and The Gang Magazine:

The Phillippi’s Vlog:


The Gang Magazine –

YouTube -


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001 310 207 1037