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Coast From the Air

by Neil Oliver

  • Date of publication:
  • 4 October 2007
  • Publisher:

Viewed from the air, even the most familiar landscapes take on a startling new life. The countryside becomes a pattern; the coast becomes an edge. Humanity recedes and the land itself takes centre stage. From small harbours to expansive bridges, towering cliffs to seaside resorts - Coast from the Air gives an incredible new perspective on our green and pleasant land, and how beautiful and fragile that land can be.

In 20 chapters – each one focusing on a specific coastal region of the British Isles – over 200 outstanding aerial photographs portray the beauty and diversity of our coastline. From the Dingle to The Wash; from the mild seaside towns of England’s south coast to the storm-lashed fishing villages of the Outer Hebrides, Coast from the Air is a true visual feast.