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Counter-Terrorist Handbook

by James Jackson

  • Date of publication:
  • 10 February 2005
  • Publisher:
  • Michael O'Mara Books Ltd

A practical and accessible guide that shows you how best to prepare for the unknown, covering everything from foreign travel to living through biological and chemical weapon attacks. Including advice on how to cope in a hijack situation, extortion and product tampering and emergency first aid, this book goes beyond the bland government advice to give you the real answers. The Counter-Terrorist Handbook is the essential guide to self-protection for both individuals and companies. Whether you’re a tourist or a business traveller, shopper or office worker, you are a potential target. Do you know how to conduct yourself in a hostage situation? How to reduce profile and personal risk during a terrorist attack? Can you take action to minimize the effects of chemical agents? What is the best response in the aftermath of an explosion? Covering the A-Z of likely threat scenarios and providing sensible, clear and honest answers, this handbook could well save your life.