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I Heart London

by Lindsey Kelk

  • Date of publication:
  • 7 June 2012
  • Publisher:
  • HarperCollins

Angela’s back on home turf – and in her biggest romantic scrape yet…

Angela Clark has fallen in love with New York – and it’s starting to love her back, but when she’s summoned home to London, she’s at risk of losing her shiny new life to never-ending English rain, warm beer and bad memories. Talk about stepping back in time:

There’s Mark, the ex-boyfriend – who she ran to New York to get away from;

There’s Louisa, her best friend, with her terrifying new baby;

And there’s her mum, still talking to her as though she’s fifteen.

Now there’s a wedding in the offing – and everyone remembers how well Angela behaved at the last one. . . Can the arrival of boyfriend Alex and best friend Jenny save her from a re-run of her old self?