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Regency House Party

by Lucy Jago

Tying in with the 8-part prime time Channel 4 series, Regency House Party will follow 5 men and 5 women as they meet, flirt and court within the same strict protocols as Jane Austen's heroes and heroines, e.g. all women must be chaperoned, a woman should never encourage a man, a man should never touch a young lady, etc.

  • Date of publication:
  • 22 January 2004
  • Publisher:
  • Sphere

Each participant will be designated a role and an income, which will dictate their social standing – although at any point this could change and one of the poorer guests could inherit a fortune, or a rich one suffer a crippling debt – and each chapter of the book will focus on a particular character or couple. The houseguests will take part in popular pastimes of the era: attending a public dissection, amateur dramatics, fencing and, of course, dressing up and attending balls. They will also hopefully manage to find a suitable marriage partner, whose wealth and social standing will enhance their own.