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U20s England Team Win the World Cup in South Korea!

Kyle Walker-Peters and the rest of the team played exceptionally well, leading to their 1-0 victory against Venezuela.


England U20s boss, Paul Simpson, conveyed his extreme pride and happiness for the team and their success: “I think it is really difficult thing to put it into words,” he began.


“I can’t believe the feeling of pride that I have got and I know it is the same for the players. I don’t think you can get a better feeling than what that felt like at the end of the game when the referee blew that whistle.


“To know we are the world champions. We have waited 51 years to be able to say that again as an England team. And wow. It is an incredible feeling and I don’t think it will ever really go away to be completely honest with you.”


Huge congratulations to Kyle Walker-Peters and the rest of the team!