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James Grant Digital offers a fully connected service using experience with key digital platforms, broadcasters, producers and management to develop clients’ digital profiles and audiences.

An innovative, dedicated team of five with a wealth of online experience across MTV / BBC / ITV / Fremantle and a range of online publications.  James Grant Digital are certified YouTube partners, specialising in audience development and channel management.

We manage a combined client audience of over 25 million Twitter followers and over 7 million Facebook fans.

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  • Scope and deliver website – from concept to launch.
  • Fully integrated social media schedules driving audience engagement.
  • Creatively promote on and off-screen activity and commercial obligations.
  • Original content ideas around programming, brand partnerships and events.
  • Management of online voice and image. Regularly refreshing artwork across all social media platforms with current and key messaging.
  • Increase visibility on key social platforms and in search engine results.
  • Regular feedback on analytics and audience response to content, with a view to adapting and reacting to audience response and behaviour.
YouTube Strategy & Management


James Grant Digital are certified YouTube partners, specialising in Audience Development and Channel Management, including:

  • YouTube Platform and Channel Strategy
  • Content Strategies for Sustainable Viewership
  • Audience Development Strategy and Methods
  • Multi-Channel Networks: Best Practices
  • Copyright
  • Monetisation and Partner Sales
  • Rights Management
  • Reach new audiences with original online content that extends beyond broadcast, print, pitch or publication.
  • Increase appeal to potential brand partners through audience engagement and original content ideas.