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Matthew Reilly


Matthew Reilly has sold 7 million copies of his ultra-fast-paced action-thrillers around the world, in over 20 languages.

His novels include Ice Station, Seven Deadly Wonders, Hover Car Racer,¬†Scarecrow And The Army of Thieves¬†and The Tournament. Known for their extreme pace and over-the-top action, Matthew Reilly’s books have become a great tool for getting non-readers to read, especially teenage boys.

Scarecrow And The Army of Thieves was the biggest-selling fiction title in Australia for the whole of 2011. In the UK, it debuted at No.2 on the Sunday Times bestseller list.

Walt Disney Pictures have purchased the film rights to Hover Car Racer and Reilly recently optioned his Indiana-Jones-like Seven Deadly Wonders series of books to producer Mark Gordon (‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’) for adaptation as a television series.

In 2007, Matthew wrote a television pilot called ‘Literary Superstars’, set in the world of publishing, which was picked up by Darren Star (‘Sex and the City’) for Sony Pictures and the ABC network. Jenna Elfman signed on to star and the show was in casting when the Writers Strike of 2007-2008 occurred, killing the show.

Matthew famously self-published his first novel, Contest, to get discovered. The self-published edition was found by a publisher in an Australian bookstore. Original self-published editions have been known to sell on eBay for over $1,000 each.

Matthew’s thirteenth novel, The Great Zoo of China, was published in January 2015.