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Keith Lemon releases Memoirs of Me Childhood

Keith Lemon's has released the hilarious prequel to Being Keith, a memoir of his life as a northern youngster.

Keith Lemon bookIt chronicles the life of Keith Lemon, from life as a young nipper in Leeds to the modern day strawberry blonde star of Celebrity Juice surrounded by bang tidy lasses?

In this heart-warming and inspirational memoir, Keith reveals the story of his childhood, lifting the lid on all the experiences of northern youth that have led him to become an international ladies’ man and national treasure.

In this Adrian Mole meets VIZ’s PROFANISAURUS-style full colour memoir, Keith reminisces about his journey from baby to babe-magnet, delving deep into his past and his early years as an unbelievably talented youngster in Leeds (even before he became a professional sex symbol).

You can buy Keith Lemon’s Memoirs of Me Childhood here.