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Melanie Sykes presents Humble Pie!

Melanie teams up with Marco Pierre White in the brand new cooking show

Can you tell a Blumenthal from a bluff?  Are you all talk, no tiramisu?  Melanie Sykes presents ‘Humble Pie’, the brand new competition where food meets poker, as hopeful contestants battle it out to win a £2,500 cash prize.  Each episode, four aspiring chefs face three cooking challenges in the Humble Pie Kitchen, before presenting them to judge and Michelin starred chef, Marco Pierre White.  But this is no ordinary cooking show, and the contestants must try to second-guess Marco’s winner and ruthlessly judge each other’s dishes from best to worst.  Should they eliminate themselves if they think Marco has rated theirs the lowest, in return for a cash pay-out?  Or should they stay in the game for the big prize, and risk going home empty-handed?  In the show where kitchen wizardry is paired with a poker face, the best cook doesn’t always win…

The eight-part series starts tomorrow at 8pm on Watch Channel! (Sky 109/245, Virgin 124/191)