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Operation Wild

Clare Balding is to host brand new three-part BBC One science series Operation Wild. Teaming up with British veterinarian and television personality Steve Leonard, Clare will be taking a look at how cutting edge science is helping the animal kingdom. Clare and Steve will join teams of pioneering vets around the world who are using the most advanced techniques, often adapted from human medicine, to save the lives of animals. There are world first operations and surgeries that have never been seen before on television. “Being an animal lover, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this new series,” says Clare: “and it was fascinating to see the new ways in which extremely talented vets are saving these precious animals”. These incredible operations use innovative techniques to tackle a variety of problems, and the vets are drawing from human medicine wherever it will help. In South Africa, Thandi, Clare meets a white rhino who was attacked by poachers for her horn and left for dead. Her wound never healed and vets decide their only option was a skin graft, so they call in specialist help from a plastic surgeon who usually operates on people. There is also Fuji, a dolphin who can’t swim as her tail was destroyed by infection. Vets attempt to fit her with a prosthetic tail, but will she be able to swim and leap out of the water again? Over in Sichuan Province, China, a giant panda rescued from the wild is given an MRI scan to uncover what’s behind her highly unusual behaviour. Don’t miss Clare as she also meets some orangutans, and a gorilla with a badly damaged arm. Operation Wild starts Wednesday 6th August, 9pm on BBC One.