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An overview of the UK Spring Budget 2023

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YMU Launches U.S. Social Division Led by Deanna Ritter

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YMU expands into gaming and sports marketing as Digital Sports MGMT joins the group

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Dynamo Is Dead, coming to Sky Max in December

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YMU Group signs Nicole Scherzinger


Songwriter, musician, and producer Empress Of makes music that pushes her beyond the confines of her comfort zone.  

After releasing I’m Your Empress Of in April 2020, Honduran-American Empress Of took a new creative approach. Spending half a year on writing trips travelling to Texas, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles was “a little bit miserable, but…helped to isolate certain feelings, lyrics, and songs.” The end product, 2022’s Save Me, reveals an artist who crosses genre and style with ease, drawing inspiration from Cocteau Twins, Bjork, and Robyn in the same breath. Alongside her studio credits, Empress Of has written for film and TV, penning the theme song and finale music for Amazon’s The Wilds and Floria Sigismondi’s The Turning. 

Having toured with Lizzo, Blood Orange, Maggie Rogers and Mura Masa and collaborated with Khalid, MØ, DJDS, and KITO, 2023 will see Empress Of back on the road.