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An overview of the UK Spring Budget 2023

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YMU Launches U.S. Social Division Led by Deanna Ritter

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YMU expands into gaming and sports marketing as Digital Sports MGMT joins the group

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Dynamo Is Dead, coming to Sky Max in December

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YMU Group signs Nicole Scherzinger

Jack Harries

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Producer, director, filmmaker, and co-founder of Earthrise studios, Jack Harries understands the power of storytelling. 

Whether campaigning for the future of our planet, directing documentaries, or creating content that spotlights global issues, stories with purpose are at the core of Jack’s work. Over the years, he has created a number of platforms through which he shares thoughts and resources, amassing 4 million YouTube subscribers and over 1.5 followers across social media. Jack’s filmmaking has seen him travel the world work alongside YouTube Originals, Netflix, and the WWF, creating visually striking and informative accounts of our planet’s past, present, and future. In front of the camera, he fronted YouTube Originals’ 12-part series Seat At The Table, interviewing world leaders and global stars such as Barack Obama.  

Recently, Jack has partnered with brands such as Panerai, Stella McCartney, All Birds, Vivo Barefoot, Spotify, Canon, Treedom, The Photography Show, Tentree, and Ecover.