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Phillip Schofield and Gabby Logan join up with Siemens

Phillip Schofield and Gabby Logan have united with Siemens and the Sunday Times to share their Ultimate Dinner Party.

The native ads campaign will aim to raise awareness of Siemens range of intelligent cookware in the run up to Christmas.

Each week, the native content will reference a range of Siemens’ products to link back to each dinner party.

Gemma Freeman, group marketing manager, Siemens commented on the deal: “We wanted to inspire our target audience, and demonstrate to them how intelligent and clever features found in Siemens appliances can improve their dinner party experiences and make their lives easier. We know they want to stay ‘in the know’ and we decided to partner with The Sunday Times Magazine to reinforce our brand values with an aspirational feel.”

The partnership comes after The Sunday Times’ ongoing audience survey revealed that 1.32m of its readers like to try out new recipes and 36 per cent of Sunday Times readers are looking to buy a large kitchen appliance in the next six months.

For more information visit the Siemens website here.