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Julia Bradbury and Matt Allwright host Keeping Britain Safe 24/7

Julia Bradbury and Matt Allwright host Keeping Britain Safe 24/7 a show which sees them follow the everyday heroes who keep our nation safe each year, as they battle with the unexpected challenges that confront them with each passing season.

The show is celebration of the UK’s frontline workers: ordinary people doing extraordinary things to keep Britain running at critical pressure points throughout the year. The pair witness the drama of classic blue light teams from the fire, police and ambulance services.

They uncover the hidden dramas of the nation’s unexpected first responders: the “orange light” services who play a crucial role in protecting us all from harm, all year round from lifeboat crews at Britain’s busiest station, with just 90 seconds to respond to Notting Hill’s bin men with just 7 hours to clean up after the nation’s liveliest carnival. They meet Edinburgh’s Ambulance teams looking after 80 thousand revelers at the Hogmanay street party and the Manchester dog unit controlling 75 thousand fans at the peak of the football season.

Through compelling, character-driven stories, Keeping us Safe is a fascinating perspective on seasonal efforts at key moments up and down Britain. From the individual stories and characters that Julia and Matt meet on the ground, they scale up their findings to reveal the national picture through data-informed graphics.

The series is divided by the four seasons, focusing on the unique flash points that strike within each season.

The Spring episode will be broadcast Tuesday 18th March at 22:35 with the Summer episode broadcasting 25th March at 22:35.

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