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Environmental Social Governance

Updated on: 29th April 2024

YMU Management Limited is a global talent agency built on unconventional thinking. Combining our rich understanding of diverse clients and culture, we go beyond traditional management. Entertainers, athletes, musicians, and more, our roster of over 1000 clients are at the core of global culture. Amplifying talent through our bespoke services creates lasting communities across the world.


We have a responsibility to operate in an ethical manner and must respect the planet by limiting our impact on the environment as much as possible. At YMU we believe a healthy planet has never been more important to our clients, our staff and society at large. We are committed to operating more sustainably and have a responsibility to work in a way that cares for the environment and makes a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

At YMU we have reviewed the material ESG risks and opportunities for our business, and established the following ambitions to support our commitment to operate in a more sustainable way, which we believe is fundamental to our business thriving:

Our Sustainable Footprint:

  • To reduce the footprint of our operations, we will identify risks and impacts across the supply chain, operations, clients, and look to continue to reduce our emissions and waste, alongside making sure our offices are future fit.
  • The YMU Great Portland Street office has been accepted on The Fitzrovia Partnership business climate challenge, which helps businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and improve the value and health of our workplace. It is also supporting London’s Net Zero efforts. It is hoped, with the support of The Fitzrovia Partnership, the Great Portland Street office will have contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions for the company, by March 2025.


  • LED lighting installed at our Great Portland Street offices. We also aim to reduce our energy through an LED lighting transition programme for our remaining UK offices.
  • Equipment shut down policy in place.

Transports Emissions:

  • Exploring a Carbon Offset Programme with our travel partner.
  • Ensure any vehicles used for company business are operated as efficiently as possible, such as using green fuels and energy efficient vehicles to cut down on emissions.
  • YMU supports hybrid working patterns across all divisions of the company to help reduce travel to and from the office.


  • Dedicated re-cycling Bins installed at our Great Portland Steet offices in January 2024 ensuring staff commitment to recycling whilst at work covering mixed recycling, food waste and general waste. Ongoing review of re-cycling operations at our other UK and US offices.
  • Permanent “green” message implemented on all company email footer messages to encourage recipients of the company’s electronic communications to consider their environmental responsibility before printing any email message.