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An overview of the UK Spring Budget 2023

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YMU expands into gaming and sports marketing as Digital Sports MGMT joins the group

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YMU Group Signs Patricia Bright

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Ben Shephard to be the new regular co-host of ITV’s This Morning


Content creators and filmmakers Will and Jesse are the award-winning creative production duo behind TOPJAW the UK’s go-to travel resource.

Travelling the world documenting the best places to eat and drink, Will and Jesse create cinematic and engaging visual content.

Their viral vox pop series ‘Best of London’ features the industry’s top chefs and restaurant owners. The quick-fire formats gives the audience the top places to eat, drink and avoid in London. The only rule – no self-nominations! Since its launch, the series has hit headlines (Sunday Times Style, The Times, The Independent) for its comedic and controversial responses, swiftly becoming one of TOPJAW’s top performing content series.

In 2022, Will and Jesse put their worldwide research to use and created their own craft beer, collaborating with the multi-award-winning family run brewery on the south coast of England, Arundel Brewery. More recently, TOPJAW have partnered with the likes of Google, Bumble, Deliveroo and Stella on a variety of long-term campaigns and projects.

Represented by: Ellie Wilson