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YMU merges Entertainment and Social Media teams

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An overview of the UK Spring Budget 2023

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YMU expands into gaming and sports marketing as Digital Sports MGMT joins the group

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YMU Group Signs Patricia Bright

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Ben Shephard to be the new regular co-host of ITV’s This Morning


Specialist accountants, tax advisors and royalties experts for the music, entertainment and sports industries.

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Welcome to YMU Business Management

For over 35 years YMU Business Management has been a market leader in providing specialist and focused tax, accounting and royalties advice to musicians, performers, athletes and industry professionals.

Our Industries

01Music Accountants

Our teams of music accountants, tax advisors and royalties experts specialise in a range of music industry services. From tour accounting, where we look after budgets and handle tax issues and queries before and after the tour, to our royalties team who provide full registration services for singers, songwriters and producers. We make sure all of our clients are in safe hands no matter the scale of work.

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02Entertainment Accountants

In the entertainment industry, we work with a mix of talent. Everyone from actors, presenters and comedians, to writers, directors and production companies. Big screen, small screen or behind the scenes, our services can help you make the most of your income and help you expand your business.

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03Sport Accountants

We’ve been working with footballers, rugby players and athletes throughout their careers. Whether that’s coming up from the under 18’s squad, making national or international appearances, or moving off the pitch into coaching or presenting. Our team of accountants will help you look after those various income streams, help you build your businesses, and look after you at every stage of your career.

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04Social Media Accountants

While a relatively new aspect of the wider entertainment industry, our accountants for influencers have worked with a range of creators, social media personalities and those in the digital sphere. Some clients have grown their loyal followings over time, or gone viral overnight, but our experts can look after your tax and accounts now, and prepare you for the future.

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Meet The Team

Patrick Savage
Executive Chairman London
Julie Symes
Senior Director London
Simon Petrie
Senior Director London
Daniel Fethers
Director London
Karen Donald
Director Manchester
Lorraine Cocks
Associate Director Manchester
Andy Elms
Head of Royalties and Associate Director London