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YMU merges Entertainment and Social Media teams

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An overview of the UK Spring Budget 2023

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YMU expands into gaming and sports marketing as Digital Sports MGMT joins the group

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YMU Group Signs Patricia Bright

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Ben Shephard to be the new regular co-host of ITV’s This Morning


Our music accountants have over 40 years of experience working with musicians, record labels and managers, handling tax queries, providing specialist music accounting, and royalty management.

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YMU Business Management works with musicians at every stage of their career. Whether you’re playing local gigs, just signed a record deal, or are performing chart topping hits, we’ve got you covered.

With services ranging from tax self-assessments and tour accounting, where we look after budgets and handle tax issues and queries before and after the tour, to our royalties team who provide full registration services for singers, songwriters and producers. We make sure all of our clients are in safe hands.


01Taxation Services

We can manage your tax returns or self-assessments, keep you compliant with HMRC, as well as providing you with advice and support day-to-day or during investigations. All the while, you’ll be covered by our insurance if any tax investigations are opened. Meaning your professional costs with us will be covered while HMRC is investigating. 

Our specialists are experienced with income tax, corporation tax, capital gains, VAT inheritance tax, stamp duty and more. 

If you’re running a business and need a helping hand, our team can also administer all aspects of payroll. Including, calculating PAYE, National Insurance, statutory sick pay and maternity pay, as well as end of year returns. 


Covering all aspects of accountancy whether that’s day-to-day accounting, bookkeeping or filing accounts for you, or your business. 

Our business management services can provide additional monthly reports, manage your bank accounts and invoices for you, and assist you with business plans and related tax planning. 

03Tour Accounting

Handling UK and global touring activities at any scale. We’ll work with your manager to handle budgets, business management and administration throughout the tour. We can also liaise with agents and promoters, handle invoice payments and your bank accounts for you, and by the end of the tour we’ll have created the accounts and registered any taxes you need to pay.

04Royalty audits

Our royalty experts undertake audits of record companies, music publishers and other companies within the music industry. They can provide a full audit including a detailed audit report or a desktop review with a summary of findings.

We have a successful track record in finding royalties that have either not been reported or have been incorrectly reported.

05Royalty Management

If you’re expecting royalties, our team can register you with multiple rights societies, making sure your statements are coming through accurately, and calculate royalty commissions due to third parties. If you ever have a query, we can do our best to answer it, or liaise with the rights societies for you to get the clearest possible answer.

If in time you decide to sell your back catalogue, we can work with you and your lawyers to carry out a valuation on what you could earn.

If you’re responsible for paying royalties, we can prepare timely third party statements for you, showing royalties due for performers, songwriters or producers.

How can we help?

We help emerging artists from the moment you start playing your first gigs. Usually, this starts with taxation. YMU will complete your tax returns and self-assessments for you, acting as your agent to deal with HMRC directly. As experienced music accountants, we understand how to meet the needs of both our clients, and the industry in general.

Whether you need assistance navigating self-employment status, figuring out what can and can’t be expensed, or how to finance your first major tour, we’re more than happy to explain it out.

Alongside taxation services, our royalty team is also ready to assist emerging artists. We’ll provide you with full registration in the UK and abroad, ensuring that you’re set up for any future royalty earnings from the start.

Established Artists

The tours are going further, the stages are getting bigger, the band is getting busier – and YMU is with you all the way.

Our tour accounting has assisted musicians and bands at every level, and is particularly effective for established acts. We’ll work with your manager to handle budgets, business management and administration throughout the tour. We’ll also liaise with agents and promoters, and by the end of the tour we’ll have created the accounts and registered any taxes you need to pay.

At this stage in your career, our royalties team will provide audits highlighting what you’re owed, whether you’re a performer, songwriter, or publisher. The team will be at your side, helping you to prepare the correct accounting based on your role.

We always aim to support our clients for the entirety of their careers and beyond. When it comes to planning for the future, with the help of our expansive professional network, we’ll put you in touch with reliable overseas accountants and tax advisors.

Heritage Artists

With almost four decades of experience in the music industry, we’ve seen it all. For heritage acts, our advanced services will help you organise your finances to support your future and your family.

Our accountants have worked with some of the world’s largest acts, both assisting with major international tours, and looking after the finances at home. For heritage acts, this often involves caring for parents, siblings and children financially, and dealing with inheritance tax, or trusts and estates. For those who want to give back, we can also set up charities, trusts and foundations for topics you’re passionate about.

When it comes to royalties, at this stage, our team can work with you and your lawyers to value your back catalogue if you ever decide to sell.