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YMU merges Entertainment and Social Media teams

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An overview of the UK Spring Budget 2023

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YMU expands into gaming and sports marketing as Digital Sports MGMT joins the group

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YMU Group Signs Patricia Bright

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Ben Shephard to be the new regular co-host of ITV’s This Morning


We work to look after your personal and business tax and accounting needs as your career progresses.

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Whether you’re coming up from the under 18’s squad, making national or international appearances, or moving off the pitch into coaching or presenting our accountants can handle it all for you.

Our experts have been working with sportspeople to handle their accounting and taxation as they grow their brand and income to support them in the long term.

What we can do for you:

01Taxation Services

We provide tax services for sportspeople from any age. If you’re 17 and play for an under 18’s squad and found out you need a tax return, we can help you make sure that you’re prepared for the agent fees, the health insurance, and the other expenses you weren’t expecting. Our tax team can offer advice on complex tax issues and are happy to explain any questions you might have in the early stages of your career.

You’ll also be covered by our insurance if any tax investigations are opened. Meaning your professional costs with us will be covered while HMRC is investigating.  

Our specialists are experienced with income tax, corporation tax, capital gains, VAT, inheritance tax, stamp duty and much more. 

02Accounting and Business Management

Covering all aspects of accountancy whether that’s filing accounts for yourself, filling for your business, or handling bank payments for you and assisting with business plans. Our accountants can handle it for you.

You might find as your career begins to grow your income streams might start to change. You’ll start earning from outside of the sport with brand deals, sponsorships and image rights. Our Business Managers can talk you through the process and what you’ll need to pay in tax, as well as work with your lawyers and agents to discuss any questions you might have about starting your own Limited Company and handling any revenue from your image rights.

The Bigger Picture

Family members often play a very important role in our athletes lives, and providing for family and close ones is a high priority.

We can look after your family members accounting and tax as well, as they might be acting as your agent, manager or looking out for your best interests. Our sports accountants can work with them all to help plan your future with advice on income tax, stamp duty land tax, and capital gains tax. So as your professional career grows, your personal life is looked after as well.

Our professional network in the UK and abroad means we can also put you in contact with similar accounting practices around the world if your career takes you and your family abroad.