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YMU Launches ‘YMU Arts’ Division

YMU Arts is uniquely placed to represent digital artists as they create work they love, explore new opportunities and enjoy long lasting careers. One of the key areas the new division will be exploring with its clients is non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs use blockchain technology to authenticate and designate an official copy of a piece of digital media, allow-ing artists to commercialize digital goods.

Jori Teplitzky has been appointed Managing Director of YMU Arts. With a wealth of experi-ence in the art sector Jori has been working with digital artists for over a decade across an-imation, illustration, film, digital collage and digital photography. Past collaborators include Antoni Tudisco, pix3lface, Anthony Schepperd, Jason Ebeyer, Elizabeth Miranda, Johnny McHone, Munachi Osegbu, Kmotion, Dugan Warmouth, and Jacqueline Kulla among others.

Based in Los Angeles Jori will work closely with Matt Colon, Managing Director of YMU Mu-sic. Both Matt Colon and Andrew Goldstone will join the board of directors for the newly formed division.

During 2021 alone YMU Group has already generated over $25m in NFT sales working with its clients, including Justin Blau aka 3LAU who is managed by Andrew Goldstone and whose recent auction saw him drop 33 NFTs and raise $11.7m, with the most expensive lot selling for $3.6m.

Justin Blau has also been appointed YMU Arts’ Director of Strategy and will become the company’s ambassador in the NFT world. Justin will work with clients as they hone their ideas while positioning their NFT releases for the market. YMU Arts will represent artists handpicked by Justin and Jori, working with them to grow their brands and devel-op new avenues and partners for their art.

Justin Blau said, “I am beyond excited to join YMU Arts as Director of Strategy, facilitating new artist development & onboarding renowned names to the NFT revolution. I am thank-ful to my managers Andrew Goldstone and Taren Smith who have helped me navigate the latest explosion of NFT interest, and I look forward to extending management services to talent that shares our passion for the digital asset realm!”

The first two signings for YMU Artists have been revealed as Mike Parisella aka Slime-sunday , a digital collage artist based out of Boston MA , who is currently the 6th highest earning artist in the NFT space and photographer Tyler Shields who will be exclusively represented in the NFT space.

Tyler currently has a solo exhibition at Sotheby’s in London who said of him , “Considered the Andy Warhol of his generation, Shields has produced images that play with notions of the gaze, power structures, hyper-realism, iconoclastic-tendencies and cinematographic practice.” Jori Teplitzky said, “YMU Arts will help create an environment that will support and em-power both digital and traditional artists as they make the transition to the NFT market-place.

I am looking forward to working with Justin and to embrace the opportunity to dis-cover, develop and represent the artists we work with. NFTs create an elegant solution for artists to sell their work in its original form to be enjoyed via virtual galleries and digital frames, allowing collectors to effortlessly showcase different pieces throughout the day. NFTs also represent a groundbreaking paradigm shift for artists to participate in the resale of their work while also creating a direct relationship between creatives and their audience.”

Mary Bekhait, Group CEO of YMU said, “YMU has long recognized the synergies that the digital art sector has with our existing divisions and the launch of YMU Arts feels like a very natural step for our company. Our clients are amongst the leading innovators in the NFT space and working closer with digital artists is something we are very committed to.

As experienced global talent representatives we are already focused on enabling creative people to develop their ideas and launch their projects, while ensuring they are properly re-warded for their work. In Jori we have found the perfect leader to help steer this new initiative and she will use her unique insight and expertise in this field to represent artists in realizing their creative vision and to maximize the opportunities available to them.

Having Justin Blau, who is such a respected advocate for digital artists on board and a true pioneer in the NFT space will also add huge value to our offering. To partner with a client in this way is truly special and speaks to our commitment in creating long term ventures with our clients.”

For enquires contact: arts@ymugroup.com